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Forex Indices Trading is a Safe Way to Invest

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What is stock indices trading?

Every day in the financial markets, many transactions are performed with various assets, which often move in different directions. That is why the question arises about the instrument with which it is possible to characterize the general direction and dynamics of the market movement. The solution was to create a stock index.

A stock index is an indicator of the change in prices of a certain group of securities. The change in the index over time allows you to analyze the general direction of the market, as well as to make money on these trends, thanks to trading contracts for differences (CFDs).

Why choose indices trading?


An excellent solution for a long-term investment


Ability to trade on the global rise or fall of the world's largest economies


You can research the Forex market by the rate of rise and fall of futures


The cost of indices depends on the price of securities that are included in its group

Available Indices for trading

Was bietet Ihnen Evotrade für den bequemen Handel?


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Unsere Experten bieten Evotrade Benutzer einen perfekten technischen und Kundensupport in mehr als 5 Sprachen.

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Alle Transaktionen unserer Benutzer werden sofort ausgeführt, wobei so hohe Liquidität wie möglich gewährleistet wird.

Transparenz und Sicherheit der angebotenen Services

Über zehntausende von Benutzern haben sich bereits für Evotrade wegen der Qualität und Sicherheit entschieden. Heutzutage ist es oft nicht leicht, einen wirklich guten Broker zu finden, bei dem Ihr Geld geschützt ist

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Frequently asked questions

Why is it worth trading on stock indices?
In order to have a general idea of ​​the state of the stock market, the economy of a country or a particular industry, it is worth paying attention to stock indices. Evotrade has many stock indices that make it possible to buy the state of the entire economy and the stock market of the country, carry out large transactions and receive stable income.
How is trading stock indices different from trading individual stocks?
The difference between trading index funds and trading individual stocks is that an index fund is a ready-made group of securities. You can also independently purchase different shares, build your portfolio taking into account all the risks and opportunities, sell and buy them. But balanced stock indices with shares of companies from different countries, various sectors of the economy, different growth potential will compensate for the decline of some securities at the expense of the growth of others. Thus, trade will become more reliable, even in times of economic instability.
What platform should one use to trade stock indices?
Regardless of the chosen asset, when it comes to trading in financial markets, MetaTrader5 will always be the best platform. The range of possibilities and friendly interface of MetaTrader5 will make your trading experience on stock indices even more comfortable and successful.