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Contracts specifications



Symbol represents the stock ticker that is basically a report of certain financial entities in the trading platform — it is updated continuously throughout the trading session.
Typical Spread — it represents the regular value of a floating spread during a typical market enviroment. In the case of cash indices—the regular value of a spread during the trading hours of a stock index). Spread is measured in pips.
  • The term “Pip” is used for Forex instruments quoted to the fifth place after the decimal point (e.g. AUDJPY – 1.08052). One pip equals a price increment of exactly 0.00010.
  • For instruments quoted to the third place after the decimal point (e.g. AUDUSD – 115.521), one pip equals a price increment of precisely 0.010.
  • In the case of spot metals, one pip equals a price increment of exactly 0.01.
  • For cryptocurrencies and indices, one pip equals to a price increment of precisely 1.0.
  • In the case of other instruments, one pip equals a Tick Size.
Commission represents the total fee for changing the state of a position (opening or closing it).
Leverage is, essentially, an account boost for the trader’s capital, allowing him to open a higher position (e.g. leverage 1:100 means that a $10,000 contract needs only a $100 margin).

BCH/USD allows you to trade the Bitcoin Cash / USD exchange rate with up to 2x leverage.

The BCH/USD is the official emblem to combine Bitcoin Cash and the US dollar. It is known as a cryptocurrency CFD since it is also linked to the base currency (Bitcoin Cash). Evotrade provides several trading advantages for those who utilize the service in combination with the BCH/USD.

For one, Evotrade helps traders not have to create a wallet to participate. Secondly, users may trade cryptos with fiat currencies too. This differs from the exchange method where individuals are only able to trade crypto to crypto. Lastly, traders enjoy the benefit of not having to buy the digital currency. This means that you can make a profit even despite the rise and fall of the market. When using BCH/USD, Bitcoin Cash is a notable currency. The US dollar is recognized as the quote currency.

With Evotrade, traders can conduct their trading in a low-risk environment that includes minimal requirements, competing for spreads, and no additional costs. Get started by signing up for the risk-free demo trading account with Evotrade today!

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