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What are the cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are an electronic (virtual) analog of regular currency. The only difference is that any transactions made with cryptocurrencies go through the most severe encryption, cannot be tracked, and are not subject to any taxes. This makes cryptocurrencies a leader in online purchases of goods or services for the most different tastes. The very first cryptocurrency - Bitcoin (BTC), was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It gained popularity so quickly that it prompted the emergence of many other equally popular cryptocurrencies. The main list includes Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin. All of them are represented by Evotrade, and anyone can try their hand and start trading with Evotrade.

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Currency of the future
Positive dynamics and great prospects
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Best choice for investments

Available cryptocurrencies for trading

Why You Should Consider Trading Crypto With Evotrade


24/7 Multilingual customer and technical support

Our experts provide accurate and friendly technical and customer support in more than 5 languages for Evotrade users


Momentary order execution and highest liquidity

All trading deals made by our clients are executing in a blink of an eye providing the highest liquidity.


Transparency and reliability of the services

More than 10 000 users choose Evotrade as their broker for the top tier quality and reliability. Currently, it is quite a challenge to find a trustworthy broker who can truly secure your funds. Become a part of the huge Evotrade trading community today.


Trade on a globally approved trading platform

MT5 trading platform is an innovational leader in the online trading niche. Evotrade clients gain full access to the platform and its technical functions.

In order to start making money on Cryptocurrencies, it is enough to go through a simple 4 stages procedure

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Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about Cryptocurrencies trading, we have the answers! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact your locally-based customer support team.

Understanding the principles of price building of the cryptocurrency market will give a strong leap forward for your trading career since this asset has a very bright future, and there is even a possibility that cryptocurrencies will become the only option for payment and trading, pushing off classic currencies off the market. Besides, the growth dynamics are quite high, and long-term bullishness can be quite profitable.
The main goal of a client is to predict the change in the value of an asset. Therefore, the answer is no. As a trader, you will predict where the asset value will move. And as a result, make money on it.
Differences between various cryptocurrencies are not significant. One of the similarities is dynamics and growth rate. We highly recommend to check out the graphs of the varying cryptos to choose the one that fits you well. But still the most favourable one is bitcoin.
Regardless of the chosen asset, when it comes to trading, the chosen platform will always be MetaTrader5, the range of possibilities and a friendly interface will make your trading experience on currency pairs comfortable and successful.

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The XBT/USD is the official symbol to combine Bitcoin and the US dollar. It is known as a cryptocurrency CFD since it's also linked to the base currency (Bitcoin). Evotrade provides several trading features for those who utilize the service in combination with the XBT/USD.

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The ETH/USD allows you to trade the Ethereum / USD exchange rate with up to 2x leverage. It is known as a cryptocurrency CFD since it's also linked to the base currency (Ethereum). Evotrade provides several trading features for the XET/USD.

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