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  • 100 000$ available on the demo account
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Demo account and MetaTrader5


Many are thinking that by using the demo account, you receive only the part of the MT5 features, but this is not true. There is no difference between demo and live accounts. The only one thing that differ is type of financial assets. On the demo account you are using virtual money for free. There is no need to pay anything, you receive virtual $100 000 absolutely for free. Besides, you get all of the necessary technical and trading instruments. That's why a demo-account is the optimal decision to make your first steps at the financial markets.


Three simple reasons why you should use a demo account


Risk-free trading environment

Using a demo account, you are not losing any financial assets, this account was created so that you can fully and painlessly integrate into the trading environment.


Real trading deals and reliable trading platform

When trading on a demo account, you are not trading just on a platform. We provide an opportunity to use MetaTrader5 - the most innovative trading platform used by the real professionals. With this you will get a better understanding of how to trade on a live account.


More than 250 trading assets available

Trade what you want. You can find out your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the market movement of certain assets will give you the opportunity to find a niche in which you would like to trade. The whole range of trading right here and now!

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference is that you use virtual money on the demo account, not the real ones. At the same time, you get full access to all platform functionality and all indicators and charts for analysis. Basically, it is a training environment to test your strengths in real trading conditions.

No, we provide our clients with this opportunity without any investments, the only thing you have to do is to register and become our client. No investment, full immersion in trading.

The demo account is designed so that your first steps in trading are safe, and minor failures could not deprive you of the opportunity to earn and live without limiting yourself in anything. With the help of a demo account, you can learn all the basics of trading, and open your first deals without hesitation or risk.