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What is Forex?

FOREX (Foreign Exchange) is the largest financial market where monetary units (currencies) are sold. Its principle of work is identical with the classic type of trading.

FOREX has trading instruments - currency pairs correlated to one another at a certain rate. This rate varies depending on a number of economic and political factors. EUR/ USD is the most popular currency pair among traders around the world thanks to its global recognition and influence at the level of entire countries. When analyzing the USD, political and economic indicators formed in the United States are taken into account. When analyzing the EUR - political and economic indicators formed in Europe are considered.

A trader’s task is to research the market using the technical and fundamental analysis and then make conclusions about whether they should buy or sell a certain asset. The “Evotrade” offers its users more than 60 currency pairs for trading. Start making money with Evotrade on Forex today!

The main advantages of Forex trading with Evotrade


More than 60 currency pairs


The highest market dynamics


A wide range of analytical data


Forex’s market is open 24/7

Available currency pairs for trading

What does Evotrade offer for convenient trading?


Multilingual user support 24/7

Evotrade specialists provide prompt technical and customer support in more than 5 languages

Instant order execution and high liquidity

All transactions in Evotrade are executed instantly and with high liquidity

Transparency of the services provided

Every day thousands of users from all over the world choose Evotrade. We guarantee reliable protection of client funds thanks to strict regulations

Trade on a globally recognized platform

The MT5 trading platform is a leader in trading activities. Evotrade clients have full access to the platform and all technical features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make money on Forex?
When it comes to trading on financial markets, Forex is the most popular and stable choice. If you are interested in this area and ready to take training, research the market, and follow the innovations in this sphere, it’s guaranteed to receive stable income.
Where does the name “Forex” come from?
Forex is an abbreviation for “Foreign Exchange”. And indeed, FOREX (FX) is a foreign exchange market where users get profit from changes in the ratios in certain currency pairs.
Which platform is the best for Forex trading?
Regardless of the asset you choose, when it comes to trading in financial markets, MetaTrader5 will always be the best platform. The range of possibilities and friendly interface of MetaTrader5 will make your trading experience of currency pairs even more comfortable and successful.
How to predict changes in the Forex market?
If you complete the training, study the analytics that will allow you to choose the direction of the asset (purchase or sale), you will be able to predict any changes in the market. Nevertheless, the market changes regularly due to a number of factors (the economic situation in countries, the development of social reforms, statements by state leaders, and so on). This issue should be approached comprehensively, so analyze as much statistical data as you can and read the latest news.