Precious metals are the golden standard of trading


Silver and gold are one of the most reliable trading assets for 2021. Test your skills with the oldest trading asset and make a profit on it.

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What is Precious metals Trading And Why Is It So Important?

Since olden times, gold and silver were indispensable attributes of the "business" of antique merchants. The tendency of using gold as a reserve financial "cushion" of each state - the gold and foreign exchange fund - has continued to this day. Trading this asset is notable for its stability and low dynamics. Unlike other assets, this is more of a plus than a minus. It becomes much easier to predict the direction of gold and silver movement by observing the insignificance of changes.

Practice shows that traders of the "old" are very fond of trading on such an asset, as its constancy helped many earn their first capital. In this particular asset category Evotrade give the opportunity to trade in 2 different directions - XAU/USD (Gold/Dollar), XAG/USD (Silver/Dollar). You can find a significant number of materials and strategies related to precious metals trading in our blog.

You can make your first trades with us without closing your browser - right in the Web platform (hyperlink to the web trader) using the MT5 trading platform.

Why should you consider trading precious metals?


Stable and predictive trading asset


Massive theoretical base with strategies and forecasts


Сomplexity and recognition of the asset


Perfect choice for professional traders

Available Precious Metals for trading

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24/7 Multilingual customer and technical support

Our experts provide accurate and friendly technical and customer support in more than 5 languages for Evotrade users.

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All trading deals made by our clients are executing in a blink of an eye providing the highest liquidity.

Transparency and reliability of the services

More than 10 000 users choose Evotrade as their broker for the top tier quality and reliability. Currently, it is quite a challenge to find a trustworthy broker who can truly secure your funds. Become a part of the huge Evotrade trading community today.

Trade on a globally approved trading platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Precious Metals trading, we have the answers! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact your locally-based customer support team.

Why choose precious metals as an asset?
Precious metals are famous for their constancy, as evidenced by the fact that already two financial crises have almost no effect on their value. With the serious and statistically based approach to trading, forecasting this asset will be quite simple since the volatility is extremely low. With proper analysis, the change in the asset will be much easier to predict.
Where can I learn new strategies and analyze the forecasts for this asset?
The entire theoretical knowledge base is located in the "Blog" and "Education" sections. In the first one you can find articles from professional financial specialists in which they analyze current strategies and methods of market analysis. In the "Training" section, you can listen to live webinars of the best traders from all over the world, or watch training videos.
Why is trading precious metals not as popular as Forex?
The answer is quite simple, most come to the financial markets exclusively for Forex. But statistics show more positive trading results for traders who use precious metals. The simple explanation is that this asset takes a little longer to analyze, but the final result will also be much higher.
Which trading platform is the most suitable for Precious Metals Trading?
Regardless of the chosen asset, when it comes to trading, the chosen platform will always be MetaTrader5, the range of possibilities and a friendly interface will make your trading experience on currency pairs comfortable and successful.