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How to make money on the stock market?

Unlike the Forex market, global companies' stock trading is quite predictable, and not as complex, since it depends only on the trading performance of the company's products and projects. Previously, it was difficult to join trading on the stock market, but now there are many new exchange instruments and the most popular of them is CFD (Contracts for Difference). These CFDs allow you to make a profit on the shares of the companies of your choice without purchasing a physical stock (paper), the process is very simple and straightforward. Buy and sell shares when you want to. To start making a profit it will be enough just to open an account with Evotrade.

Benefits of Trading Stocks with Evotrade

Wide variety of stocks
Best market conditions
Simple and easy to forecast

Available Energy carriers trading assets

What Evotrade can offer you for a unique trading experience?


24/7 Multilingual customer and technical support

Our experts provide accurate and friendly technical and customer support in more than 5 languages for Evotrade users


Momentary order execution and highest liquidity

All trading deals made by our clients are executing in a blink of an eye providing the highest liquidity.


Transparency and reliability of the services

More than 10 000 users choose Evotrade as their broker for the top tier quality and reliability. Currently, it is quite a challenge to find a trustworthy broker who can truly secure your funds. Become a part of the huge Evotrade trading community today.


Trade on a globally approved trading platform

MT5 trading platform is an innovational leader in the online trading niche. Evotrade clients gain full access to the platform and its technical functions.

Four steps to start trading

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diversifying your trading portfolio with a new asset will have a positive impact on both your trading experience and performance. Shares are a fairly simple asset and are directly dependent on the activities of the organization, which makes it possible to perform a comprehensive analysis of a particular brand without significant time expenditures, increasing your funds.
The main distinguishing feature is the wide variety of brands and their stocks. Many traders trade in the stocks of those companies with which they are familiar or interested. This practice allows you to connect your personal life and interests, which psychologically greatly simplifies both the process of forecasting and the complex perception of an asset.
Regardless of the chosen asset, when it comes to trading, the platform of choice will always be MetaTrader5, the range of possibilities and a friendly interface will make your trading experience with energy resources comfortable and successful.