MetaTrader 5 WebTrader

Technological progress has led to the fact that most of the Internet's operations or actions can be performed directly in your choice browser. And trading is no exception. Everyone knows that you can register with an online broker on a certain web resource, but what about trading? It is available right here and now. Evotrade provides a unique opportunity to use the best MT5 trading platform without closing your browser window. You need to go through the registration process, and by pressing a single button on the page, you can get access to all financial markets right in your Internet browser window.

Web trading's main feature is that it allows you to increase the amount of processed information without losing efficiency significantly. This is because the platform can be opened in several browser windows at once, which allows you to monitor the dynamics of several assets at once, which will allow you to open more deals. And as a result, it significantly increases the potential profit.

By using the MT5 Web Platform via browser, you get the opportunity to significantly improve your trading performance

  • The ability to open multiple windows at once and monitor more assets
  • High performance and easy browser integration
  • Possibility to connect additional widgets or extensions
  • The ability to trade and learn at the same time

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